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EST Collection

Grapefruit-Bergamot fragrance

Our newest collection! The EST. collection has been created with the 3 to 5 Star Resort, Boutique & high end Hotel establishments (hence EST!) in mind. The formulations are incredibly high; fragrance is a beautiful grapefruit-bergamot with sleek, modern and elegant packaging and design. It’s an incredible product with attention to detail being seen in every aspect from fragrance, look and overall amenity experience. One of our biggest sellers, it is easily one of our most popular collections amongst both guests and owners alike!

EST - Shampoo
Est Shampoo - 1.41oz/40ml
131911 - Case pack: 288
EST - Conditioner
Est Conditioner - 1.41oz/40ml
131912 - Case pack: 288
Est - Lotion
Est Lotion - 1.41oz/40ml
131913 - Case pack: 288
Est  - Body Wash
EST Body Wash - 1.41oz/40ml
131914 - Case Pack: 288
EST - Hand Soap (Wrapped)
EST Hand Soap - 1oz/30gm
131915 - Case Pack: 288
EST - Massage Bar
EST Massage Bar - 1.5oz/42gm
131916 - Case Pack: 288

Cucumber-Melon fragrance

This collection contains a high quality moisturizing formula and has rapidly become one of our favorite collections at World Amenities. The size of the product appeals to most hotels, the scent is lovely and inviting (Cucumber/Melon), the shampoo lathers extremely well, and for those hotels wanting to “go green” this is the perfect option for them. If you are living at, selling to or visiting our desert region, this entire collection is the one for you! The packaging has a wonderful crisp, fresh and “Desert Holiday” feel to it and a clean fresh presence.

Ecorite-2 in 1 shampoo n' Conditioner
Ecorite - 2 in 1 Shampoo & Conditioner 1oz/30ml
131905 - Case pack: 288
Ecorite - Conditioner
Ecorite - Conditioner 1oz/30ml

131906 - Case pack: 288
Ecorite - Hand&Body Lotion
Ecorite - Hand & Body Lotion 1oz/30ml
131907 - Case pack: 288 
Facial Bar (Clear Frosted Sachet)
Ecorite - Facial Bar 0.70oz/20gm
131908 - Case pack: 288
Body Bar (Clear Frosted Sachet)
Ecorite - Body Bar 1oz/30gm
131909 - Case pack: 288
Massage Bar (Clear Frosted Sachet)
Ecorite - Massage Bar 1.5oz/42gm
131917 - Case pack: 288

Rosemary-Mint fragrance

This collection is very well suited for the 1, 2, and 3 star hotels. Has a wonderful elegant look for a very reasonable price. The formulas are great; the scent is pleasant (Rosemary Mint) with a price tag that makes this is our most affordable and very popular amenity collection. We’ve created a smaller amenity but maintained our high end formulations and fragrances. You can be assured, quality is never an issue!
2 in 1 Shampoo/Conditioner - Eliganti
Eliganti - 2 in 1 Shampoo & Conditioner 0.75oz/22ml
131922 - Case pack: 288
Eliganti - Hand & Body Lotion
Eliganti - Hand & Body Lotion 0.75oz/22ml
131923 - Case pack: 288
Eliganti - Facial & Body Bar (clear frosted Sachet)
Eliganti - Facial & Body Bar 0.75oz/21gm
131921 - Case pack: 500

Necessities - Shower Cap
Necessities - Shower Cap (clear)
131910 - Case Pack: 288
Grooming Vanity Kit (Clear Frosted Sachet)
Necessities - Grooming Vanity Kit  **Special Order**
131918 - Case pack: 288
Dental Kit (W/Colgate Toothpaste)
Necessities - Dental Kit w/Colgate Toothpaste
555014 - Case pack: 288
Shave Kit
Necessities - Shave Kit
131919 - Case pack: 288
ISSA Interclean