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Fulton Distributing and Accurate, have partnered to provide quality commercial laundry chemicals. From detergents and boosters to conditioners and bleach products, our products can be used in conjunction for a complete laundry program customized to your needs. These products can be added to an electronic dispensing system to make washing a breeze. Accurate, provides 24-hour availability for all your service needs. Fulton also offers a full line of hotel cleaning supplies, housekeeping cleaning supplies and a variety of products for non-service laundry.
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Accurate Products
Spartan Chemical
Manufacturer: Accurate
Laundry Break
Laundry Break
Very active in solids. Use in conjunction with laundry compound in electronic dispenser installed at no charge. Totally safe to fabrics and dyes.
180067 - 1.5gal
180056 - 5gal
190056 - 15gal
pH: 10
Laundry boost powdered stain remover
Laundry Boost- Powder Concentrate
A powdered stain remover for hard to remove stains.
666060 - 40lb
pH (1%): >13
Sour soft speeds extraction, drying and static electricity while it brightens, softens, and deodorizes
Laundry Sour Soft
Neutralizes caustics and alkalinity. Speeds extraction, drying and static electricity. Softens, brightens and deodorizes. To be used as part of complete laundry program.
180058- 5gal
190059- 15gal
pH: 1
compound for institutional laundry applications
Liquid Laundry compound of premium quality. Designed to effectively clean clothing, bed and table linen and all natural and synthetic blends. To be used with electronic dispensing equipment in conjunction with break, soft and sour, and bleach in any institutional laundry.
180055 - 5gal
pH: 10
Built laundry detergent for automatic dispensing applications
Built Detergent
A very high strength laundry detergent designed for automatic dispensing systems. This product is specifically formulated for cleaning cotton, polyester and blends.
180155 - 5gal
pH: 10
Laundry Detergent Ultra
Detergent Ultra
Specifically formulated for cleaning cotton, polyester blends synthetic and natural fabrics.
180054- 5gal
190054- 15gal
pH: 10
Laundry bleach for institutional and commercial laundry systems
Laundry Bleach
A concentrated liquid chlorine compound for use in institutional and commercial laundries. To be used in conjunction with a complete laundry system for added destaining of linens, sheets and towels.
180057 - 5gal
pH: 10.0 - 12.0
laundry bright for destaining sheets, towels, and other linens
Laundry Bright
For added destaining of linens, sheets, and towels.
190057 - 15gal
pH: 12.0 +/- 0.5
Oxy bleach with high concentrations of color safe bleach
Oxy Bleach
Highly concentrated color safe bleach for removing stains in colors and whites alike. For use with out automatic dispenser systems only.
180096- 5gal
190096- 15gal
Sour Iron
Iron Sour
Use to speed extraction, increase linen softness, to remove rust stains, and adjust final pH for best ironing results.
180063 - 5gal
pH: 1
Rust Remover
Rust Remover
Quickly and completely removes rust stains from clothing, linens, towels, carpeting, upholstery and most other fabrics. Also effective for rust removal on hard surfaces such as concrete. Contains a powerful blend of ingredients designed for instantaneous results.
180066 - 6/1qt per case
pH: 1.5 +/- 0.2
Stain Buster
Stain Buster
An effective prespotter and prespray. Effectively emulsifies grease and oil stains and allows for easy removal. Safe on most fabrics.
180065 - 6/1qt per case
pH: 6.5 +/- 0.50
Manufacturer: Glisten
Glisten Lite n’ Brite liquid laundry detergent
Glisten Lite n’ Brite Liquid Laundry Detergent
Quickly cleans and deodorizes in all wash temperatures; saving money. Using the latest cleaning technology, suspends tough, oily and particulate soils to prevent them from re-depositing back onto the fabric
686860 - 4/1 gal per case
pH: 8.5-9.5
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Glisten institutional and commercial laundry detergent
Glisten Value Line Laundry Detergent
This institutional and commercial detergent is ideal for Laundromats, hotels, motels and home laundry requirements. This powdered synthetic detergent is safe for all washable fabrics. Produces excellent results in hot & cold, hard or soft water.
666144 - 35# Pail
pH: 1% Solution=10.5
Glisten low suds premium commercial laundry chemicals with built-in optical brighteners
Glisten Low Suds Premium Laundry Detergent
An institutional and commercial laundry detergent concentrate that provides powerful cleaning action with controlled suds on all washable fabrics. With built-in optical brighteners, soil suspending agents and emulsifiers assuring safe, gentle and complete cleaning in hot or cold, hard or soft water.
958958 - 50# Box
Manufacturer: Spartan Chemical
Laundry Fabric Softener CF EP19
Laundry Fabric Softener CF EP19
Clothesline Fresh Softener EP was formulated in partnership with the Environmental Protection Agency’s Design for the Environment Program. Softener EP does not contain phosphates or nonylphenol ethoxylates, both of which can have a negative environmental impact. The main ingredient in this product is readily biodegradable.
355111 - 4/1 gal per case
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Classic Bleach - Multi-Purpose
Classic Multi-Purpose Bleach - Germicidal EPA 6%
Multi-purpose bleach. Cleans, deodorizes, disinfects, and sanitizes. Authorized for use in federally inspected meat and poultry plants. 5.25% sodium hypochlorite by weight. EPA registered
349900 - 4/1 gal per case