Have a hard time removing tough grease? Fulton Distributing has degreasers that quickly penetrate for easy removal of grease for all applications. Whether you’re looking for help in the kitchen or the toughest of industrial tasks, we can assist you in making your clean-up faster and easier with our excellent grease-cutting chemicals. We also carry bio-based degreaser products that support sustainability initiatives.
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Green Seal environmentally friendly productsLook for our Green Seal & environmentally friendly options which are formulated to be environmentally responsible for the issues of today!
Manufacturer: Spartan
SNB 130 – Super strength non-butyl degreaser cuts through oily buildup

Super Strength Non-Butyl Degreaser. Provides extra degreasing boost needed to cut through greasy, oily buildups and encrustations.
  • pH 13.5
SNB 130 Spec Sheet
4/1 gal per case
*Available in multiple sizes
Tough Duty butyl-based cleaner & degreaser effectively removes grease, grime, and other soil
Tough Duty

Ready-to-use, butyl-based cleaner/degreaser. Works fast to penetrate and remove ground-in grease and grime and ordinary soils like coffee, cola, lipstick, crayon, oil, and smoke film. Safe for use on nearly every washable surface. No odor.
  • pH 11.7
888618 *Special Order*
Tough Duty Degreaser Spec Sheet
12/qt per case
*Available in multiple sizes
Chlorinated degreaser for use in food processing
Chlorinated Degreaser

Foaming, chlorine-based degreaser. For use in meat, poultry, seafood, and other food processing areas, Formulated with bleach.
  • pH 13.0-13.5
Item# *Special Order*
888545- 4/1 gal per case
888547- 5gal
888549- 55gal
Chlorinated Degreaser Spec Sheet
*Available in multiple sizes
Consume Micro-Muscle industrial strength degreaser with odor control
Consume Micro-Muscle

Industrial strength degreaser with natural digesters for odor control.
  • pH 8.5-9.5 
Item# *Special Order*
888134- 4/1 gal per case
888017- 5gal
888091- 55gal
Consume Micro-Muscle Spec Sheet
*Available in multiple sizes
Inspector’s Choice high foaming concentrated detergent for food service applications
Inspector’s Choice

High foaming concentrated synthetic detergent for meat rooms, supermarkets, packing plants, any area where removal of grease, animal fat, and vegetable oil is required. 
  • pH 13.3
666230- 4/1gal
888021- 5gal *Special Order*
666299- 55gal
Inspector’s Choice Spec Sheet
*Available in multiple sizes.
Clean by Peroxy all-purpose cleaner with a hydrogen peroxide and surfactant blend
Clean by Peroxy

Modern-day surfactants and hydrogen peroxide are blended to form an environmentally preferable all-purpose cleaner. Quickly removes everyday soils and greasy residues. 
  • pH: 2.0-3.0
888560- 4/2Lt per case
888721- 4/1 gal per case
888639- 5gal *Special Order*
Clean by Peroxy Spec Sheet
*Available in multiple sizes
BioTransport 2 industrial strength super surfactant concentrate from Consume Micro-Muscle
Bio-Transport 2 Consume Micro-Muscle

Industrial strength, super surfactant concentrate with boosted with active microbial grease digesters. Removes every day, petroleum-based soil.
  • pH: 8.5-9.5
Micro-Muscle Spec Sheet
Packed 4/2Lt per case
TriBase multi-purpose cleaner that combines biobased surfactant blends
TriBase Multi-Purpose Cleaner

A combination of biobased surfactant blends is formulated for a multitude of cleaning tasks. Highly dilutable
  • pH: 8.0-9.0
888088 - 4/1gal per case
**Special Order**

888700 - 4/2Lt per case

Degreaser SC200 - Solvent-based
SC-200 is a high alkaline, solvent-based, extra heavy-duty industrial cleaner. Formulated for use at low to medium range dilutions, SC-200 attacks grease and encrusted soil on concrete, road equipment, and heavy machinery. Safe to use in automatic scrubbers, SC-200 efficiently cleans manufacturing facility floors.
  • pH: 13.4-13.9
  • Dilution 4-12oz/gal
888143 - 4/1gal per case

Degreaser BUTYL BH-38
Multi-purpose butyl-based detergent provides quick penetration and easy removal of light to medium industrial soils. Formulated for use at low dilutions. Safe to use on painted surfaces.
  • pH: 12.0-12.5
888218 - 4/1gal per case

Oven & Grill Cleaner
Oven & Grill Cleaner provides rapid penetration and emulsification of tough soils such as baked-on carbon, grease, and food deposits. Recommended for use in cleaning commercial and institutional ovens, grills, hoods, rotisseries, deep fat fryers, small cutlery items, etc. Oven & Grill Cleaner is non-flammable and safe to use when the recommended preliminary steps are taken.
  • pH: 13.5-14.0
147108 - 4/1gal per case
Manufacturer: Chase
Heavy-duty foaming oven cleaner for use on warm or cold ovens
Oven Cleaner
  • Heavy-duty Foam
  • Penetrates and emulsifies grease
  • Cuts through baked-on foods and carbon
  • For fast clean-up, or overnight
  • Works on warm or cold ovens
  • ph: 12.9 - 13.5
Packed 12/18oz cans per case
All-Purpose Cleaner
**Special Order**
The Foaming-action formula clings to surfaces without dripping and easily dissolves film, smudges, smears, and all soil.
  • Chalk / White Board cleaner 
  • All multi-purpose cleaner.
  • Safe on all nonporous surfaces
  • Removes grease, and works on oily film.
  • Smoke film
  • Heel marks
  • Heavy Duty
  • pH: 10.2 +/- 0.5
955883 - Case pack: 12/18oz cans 
Manufacturer: Glisten
Glisten grime buster fast acting multi-surface cleaner and degreaser
Glisten Grime Buster Multi-Surface Cleaner & Degreaser

This fact-acting power cleaner instantly removes stubborn, tough, and hard-to-remove soils. Ideal for fast and easy removal commonly found in schools, industrial settings as well as hospitality and foodservice. Can be diluted 10:1 for cost savings pH:
  • pH: 11.5-12.5 
119119 4/1 gal per case
194507 12/qt per case
Glisten Cleaner & Degreaser - Non-Butyl
Glisten Cleaner & Degreaser - Non-Butyl

Use it for all your kitchen cleaning needs. Ovens, grills, deep fryers, hoods, counters, walls, and more.
  • pH: 11.5-12.5 
Packed 4/1 gal per case
Glisten Cleaner & Degreaser - Non-Butyl
Special Green all-purpose cleaner and degreaser for auto and household applications Glisten Special Green All-Purpose Cleaner

A single-step, biodegradable, non-abrasive, concentrated, all-purpose cleaner and degreaser. Effectively emulsifies grease and grime. Removes tough spots and stains instantly from fabric, carpets, counters, plastic, and glass. Excellent for automotive and household applications.
  • pH: 8-9 
299006 - Packed 4/1 gal per case
Grease Buster
Grease Buster Food Service Degreaser
Grease Buster is a professional formula designed for cleaning heavily carbonized and greasy ovens, hood areas, deep fryers, and greasy kitchen floors. Grease Buster exhibits high foam properties for longer clinging on vertical surfaces to aid in faster cleaning.
  • pH: 13-14 
299001 - Packed 4/1 gal per case
BLING - Oven, Grill & Fryer Cleaner. Easily Removes Burnt-On Foods
The oven and grill cleaner of choice for commercial and industrial kitchens. Super strength formula easily removes baked-on carbon, food residue, spills, splatters, and grease from ovens, fryers, BBQs, pots, and pans. Do not use on aluminum, copper, or other soft metals or Teflon-coated surfaces. Contains corrosion inhibitors and is NSF certified.
  • pH: 13-14 
180026 - Packed 12/qt per case