Odor Control

Need solutions for unpleasant odors? Fulton carries a wide range of odor control products that will not just cover them up, but eliminate them and keep them under control wherever they may occur. We provide neutralizers that destroy a variety of odors, such as restroom, smoke, pet odors, and more. Odor control products are available in both ready-to-use and concentrated formulas which can also be added in extraction solutions for extra carpet freshness. We also offer dispensing systems in a variety of fragrances that will leave the air smelling clean and fresh.
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Big D
Glisten dual mode metered automatic dispenser
Dual Mode Metered Dispenser
This automatic dispenser is a cost effective way to maintain constant deodorization. It is pre-programmed to dispense a deodorant spray every 15 minutes and is equipped with a built-in indicator light which alerts you when the aerosol canister needs replacing. The 30 day or 90 day mode switch included, allows product to be used for both 30 and 90 day metered refills. Covers up to 6,000 cubic feet.
999110- White
Metered concentrated room deodorant neutralizes odors instead of masking them
Metered Concentrated Room Deodorant
Contains odor counteractive deodorant that neutralizes odors rather than mask them. They are environmentally compatible with all state and governmental regulations.
*Available in multiple scents
310310- Odor Neutralizer
999605- Mango Bay
999606- Mulberry
999607- Cucumber Melon
999608- Mountain Air
999888- Fresh Linen
Packed 6/7 oz cans per case
Aerosol room deodorant for industrial or commercial applications
Aerosol Room Deodorant
Specially formulated to meet the needs of the industrial and commercial marketplace, this aerosol may be used anywhere there is an odor. The fine, dry mist is environmentally compatible with all state governmental regulations.
171748- Fresh Linen
171750- Mango Bay
171751- Mountain Air
Packed 12/15 oz cans per case
Fabulous Breeze odor eliminator non-aerosol spray deodorizer for air or fabrics
Glisten Fabulous Breeze Odor Eliminator
A non-aerosol spray deodorizer that can be used in the air or directly on most fabrics to remove unpleasant odors.
Packed 12/qt per case
Glisten Odor Eliminator Green Apple
Digests organic wastes, reduces volume of solids and kills odors
Case pack: 12/qt
Urinal screens with long-lasting deodorizing and drain clogging prevention
Glisten Urinal Screens
Impregnated with long-lasting, effective deodorant, screens are flexible to fit any urinal contour. Prevents drains clogging while deodorizing for 30-45 days.
117310- Cherry (Red)
Packed 12 per case
Super Screens translucent urinal screen for strong deodorizing
Glisten Super Screens
Translucent in color with a “clamshell” like design; it is manufactured using a specially engineered copolymer that is impregnated with organic deodorizing compounds that are 200% stronger than traditional vinyl urinal screens.
  • Anti-splash texture; preventing splash back and cross contamination or urine to other areas
  • Incredibly strong deodorizing properties & VOC compliant in all 50 states
  • Non-slip finish
  • Collects debris before it clogs up the drain
*Available in multiple scents 
955403- Melon Mist (Clear)
955401- Mountain Air (Blue)
955402- Mango Bay (Orange)
Packed 10 per case
Non-para urinal block for deodorization
Non-Para Urinal Block
Toss in urinal, trash receptacle or anywhere deodorization is needed. 4oz
Packed 12 per case
Urinal Deo-Gard charcoal colored mat for elimination of unpleasant odors
Urinal Deo-Gard
Charcoal colored mat designed to be used with all single, hanging urinals. Impregnated with a pleasant fresh scent to eliminate odors in the immediate area.
Packed 6 per case
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Extra duty urinal screen with non-para block that cleans and deodorizes
Extra Duty Urinal Screen with Non-Para Block
Screen protects urinal from debris while non-para block cleans and deodorizes.
114774- Cherry
843000- Apple
Packed 12 per case
Big D
P.O.D. - Passive Odor Dispensers
The P.O.D. is designed specifically for small confined areas. Deodorizes for 30-45 days. Can be placed in cars, boats, closets, bathroom stalls, etc. to neutralize odors. Deodorant refills are impregnated with natural organic deodorizing compounds. Requires no batteries or electricity to operate.
White Dispenser
Item# 357901 *Special Order*
Packed 6 per case

Refill Cartridges
357903- Melon Mist *Special Order*
Packed 24 per case
Toilet bowl rim hanger that prevents staining of bowl
Toilet Bowl Rim Hanger Non-Para
Specially designed to prevent staining of the bowl, each rim hanger will last approximately 1,500 flushes
388526 Cherry - *Special Order*
Packed 12 per case
Airlift Xcelente Airlift
Airlift Fresh Xcelente
With odor encapsulating technology, Airlift Xcelente Odor Eliminator doesn't just cover up odors, it traps and removes these odors from the air. The long-lasting fresh lavender fragrance neutralizes even the strongest odors, making it the perfect solution to address smoke, cannabis, urine, and other complex malodors.
990191 - 20 oz
pH: 6.0-8.0
Odor Elim Xcelente
Xcelente Odor Eliminator
Xcelente Odor Eliminator is a ready-to-use air neutralizer that provides the same delightful lavender fragrance as Xcelente Multi-Purpose Cleaner. With odor encapsulating technology, Xcelente Odor Eliminator RTU Handi Spray has the capability to trap and remove even the strongest odors from the air leaving a fresh, clean lavender fragrance.
888904 - 12qt
pH: 6.0-8.5
Airlift smoke & odor eliminator
Airlift Smoke & Odor Eliminator
A powerful odor neutralizer actually destroys complex odors such as smoke, rancid or stale food, pet odors, mildew. Its specially developed counteractant attacks airborne malodor molecules creating a chemical reaction for instant neutralization and destruction of nearly every offensive smell. Recommended for tough odor problems found in hotel and motel rooms, restaurants, lounges, and designated smoking areas.
888813- 12 qt
pH: 6.0
*Available in multiple sizes
eCore Aircare System
Take control of your environment with the eCore Air Care System. eCore´s multi-phasing, submicron fragrance technology ensures that air remains fresh for up to 60 days, guaranteeing happy and satisfied building occupants. Completely free of solvents, propellants, HFCs, and VOCs, eCore is not only safer for building occupants it is safer for the environment with 100% recyclable or compostable components.
402093 - Citrus Mango
402094 - NABC
402095 - Cucumber Melon
Case packed: 6 
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eCore Aircare Dispenser
Economical dispenser requires no battery! Passive design system.
402092 - Ecore White Dispenser 
Pack 1 size each 
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Consume cleaner, odor eliminator, stain remover, and drain maintainer for eliminating odors
Cleaner, odor eliminator, stain remover and drain maintainer with natural digesters to eliminate odors.
888504 12/qt RTU
888020 1/5gl *Special Order*
pH: 8.0 - 9.0
*Available in multiple sizes
Consume Micro-Muscle industrial strength degreaser and odor controller
Consume Micro-Muscle
*Special Order*
Industrial strength degreaser with natural digesters for odor control.
888134- 4/1gal per case
888017- 5gal
888091- 55gal
pH: 8.5 - 9.5
*Available in multiple sizes
Airlift tropical concentrated air freshener and routine deodorizer
Airlift Tropical- Concentrate
A water-soluble deodorant formulated to control and eliminate unpleasant odors whenever and wherever they occur. Eliminates most odors caused by people, pets, foods, and other sources. Use it on or around most surfaces not harmed by water. A rich floral fragrance coral pink in color.
888622 - 4/2Lt
pH: 6.0
*Available in multiple sizes
Lemon Zest water-based air freshener for elimination of airborne and surface odors
Lemon Zest Air Freshener
  • Water-based air freshener
  • No harmful solvents
  • Ordenone eliminates airborne and surface odors
pH: 0.99 - 1.00
Packed 12/15oz cans per case
What Odor?
Fresh Breeze
Uses state-of-the-art encapsulating technology, with a new environmentally friendly fragrance and is designed for use as a ready-to-use deodorizer. It works by chemically binding to foul odors and preventing the nose from detecting them.
180049 - Packed 2/2.5 gal per case
pH: 6.5 +/- 0.2
Air Freshener
Air Freshener
Acculogic is a great addition to your cleaning supplies needs.
180088 - Packed 2/2.5 gal per case
pH: 6.5 +/- 0.2