Let’s get those windows squeaky clean with a streak-free shine! Fulton Distributing offers a variety of glass cleaners in both ready-to-use and concentrated formulas. Our window cleaning chemicals dry quickly without streaking, and require no rinsing. We also carry green solutions which are environmentally preferable while still providing and effective clean. With the right accessories to finish the job, including squeegees, wands, and microfiber towels, we’ll help you make your windows sparkle!


Bio-Renewables Glass Cleaner Concentrate
Bio-Renewables Glass Cleaner Concentrate
Formulated to clean mirrors, glass and Plexiglass surfaces. biobased surfactants, BioRenewables Glass Cleaner is a non-VOC, less toxic biodegradable product. Light blue in color with a clean, crisp waterfall fragrance.
  • pH 8.0-9.0
  • 2 oz./gal
  • Meets U.S. EPA Safer Choice
888701 - Packed 4/2Lt per case
BioRenewables Glass Cleaner with crisp waterfall fragrance
BioRenewables Glass Cleaner
Formulated to clean mirrors, glass and plexiglass surfaces using biobased surfactants. No VOCs. Crisp waterfall fragrance.
pH 7.5-8.5
888131 - Packed 12qt RTU per case
*Special Order* 
888183 - 15gal 2/oz per gal in use
Glisten ready-to-use glass & hard surface cleaner
Glisten Glass & Hard Surface Cleaner
A ready to use glass and hard surface cleaner for use on glass, mirrors, aluminum, and chrome surfaces. Can also be used on porcelain, stainless steel, and formica desktops. Easily dissolves smudges, film smears, bugs and soil.
988805 - Packed 12/qt per case
988806 - Packed 1/4gl per case
Glass Cleaner with Ammonia
Glass Cleaner with Ammonia
Champion Sprayon® Glass Cleaner with ammonia has a strong foam that clings to vertical surfaces. Wipes clean without streaking. Ammoniated formula leaves a long-lasting, pleasant fragrance.
Recommended uses: Ideal for windows, fixtures, appliances, stainless steel, chrome, ceramic tile, Formica, and other hard surfaces.
  • Ammoniated foaming glass cleaner
  • Does not contain alcohol, silicone or abrasives
  • Powerful foaming action, superior vertical hold
  • Leaves no film, streaks or hazing behind
  • Fast drying, fresh and clean scent
  • SprayAnyWay™ valve
133430 - Packed 12/ 19oz aerosol cans per case
4 to 1 Glass Cleaner
Glass Cleaner Window 4 to 1
Cleans and dries quickly without streaking. Indoors or Outdoors. Can be diluted for everyday window cleaning. This product is also effective for counter-tops, display cases and other light cleaning where fast drying is desirable.
180012 - 4/1 gal
180048 - 2/2.5 gal
Chase Vista Clear non-ammonia foaming  glass cleaner
Vista Clear Glass Cleaner- without Ammonia
  • Foaming glass cleaner
  • Does not contain ammonia,alcohol, silicone or abrasives
  • Powerful foaming action, superior vertical hold
  • Leaves no film, streaks or hazing
  • Fast drying
  • Fresh and clean scent
990330 - *Special Order*
Packed 12/19oz can per case
ErgoTec Set
High quality glass cleaning set features a selection of ergonomic window cleaning tools, all located inside a convenient nylon carrying case.
Includes the following items:
  • 14” ErgoTec T-Bar
  • 14” Micro StripWasher Sleeve
  • ErgoTec Squeegee Handle
  • 10”, 14” and 18” “S” Channel w/ErgoTec Soft Rubber
  • 36” ErgoTec Soft Replacement Rubber
  • Plastic Clips and Case
  • 4” ErgoTec Scraper
  • 1.5” ErgoTec Safety Scraper
  • 3 MicroWipes (16”x16”)
  • 8’ OptiLoc 2-section Tele-Pole
  • ErfoTec Safety Cone
  • The Pill Glass Cleaner (10 pack)
Pro Window start-up cleaning kit
PRO Window Cleaning Kit
Start-up cleaning kit
Includes the following items:
  • 8’ Optiloc 2-section Tele_pole
  • 18” Original Stripwasher Strip Pac
  • Pro Stainless Steel Squeegee Handle
  • 14” “S” Channel w/ErgoTec Soft Rubber
  • 18” “S” Channel w/ErgoTec Soft Rubber
  • ProTrim10 Scraper
  • Large Sponge
111239 -*Special Order*
Trans-set window cleaning set
Trans-Set Cleaning Kit
Window Cleaning set in convenient vinyl/nylon case
Includes the following:
  • Pro Stainless Steel Squeegee Handle
  • 10” “S” Channel/ErgoTec Soft Rubber
  • 14” and 18” “S” Channel w/ErgoTec Soft Rubber
  • 36” ErgoTec Soft Rubber
  • 14” Original Stripwasher Strip Pac
  • 8” OptiLoc 2-section Tele_pole
  • ErgoTec Safety Cone
  • FIXI-clamp
  • Safety Scraper
  • ProTrim 10 Scraper
Item #
111474 - *Special Order*