Wet Mops

Looped end wet mops made with 4-ply blend yarn – available in many sizes
Looped End Wet Mops
These highly absorbent mops will handle even the toughest industrial mopping.
  • 4-ply blend yarn
  • 5” headband
  • Looped ends and tail bands eliminate tangling
  • Launderable
Available in multiple colors and sizes:
501502B- Small
877510B- Medium
116310B- Large
502022B- Medium
503031B- Large
877511B- Medium
811616B- Large
Rough & ready wet mops that glide smoothly over rough or abrasive floors
Rough & Ready Wet Mops
This specially designed wet mop glides smoothly over rough, abrasive floors. Won’t shred or lint on abrasive surfaces such as concrete, brick, or quarry tile. Fantails provide a wider surface span and even coverage.
  • 1.25” headband
  • Unique Microfiber blend picks up the smallest dirt particles for deep cleaning
  • Launderable
347821B- Large
972118- Medium
972121B- Large
972119B- Medium
972120- Large
Cotton cut end wet mops  offer durability and economy for everyday mopping
Cotton Cut-End Wet Mops
The economical choice for quality and performance. Good absorbency for everyday mopping. Ideal for contractors; made for durability, when everyday laundering is not necessary.
  • 4-ply cotton yarn
*Available in multiple sizes
166990B- #16 No Band
243830B- #24
243831B- #32
Rayon cut end wet mop is perfect for applying floor finishes
Rayon Cut-End Wet Mop
Stay white even after long use. Perfect when applying finish or germicide. Quick-drying yarn resists mold and mildew; specifically engineered for applying floor finish with smooth accuracy.
  • 4-ply rayon yarn
  • 1.25” headband
Item# 966000B- #24
Finishing loop end mop eliminates streaking and readily releases finish
Finish Mops
This looped end mop readily releases finish.
  • 1.25” headband
  • Continuous filament nylon yarn
  • Looped ends to eliminate tangling
  • Tapeless tail bands eliminate streaking
243833B- Large
111234B- Medium
Impact Mopster 2.0 MF mop
Impact Mopster 2.0 Microfiber Mop - Black/Blue
  • Pressure-activated on/off button improves control in dispensing.
  • Ribbed 36-ounce bottle designed for easy extraction/insertion
  • Low-level indicator window
  • Slim 4" mop profile for cleaning under furniture
  • Perfect for residential, commercial, or industrial cleaning operations
  • 16.25" L x 3.5" W x 58.5" H
730001 - Bucketless Mop
Don't forget your reusable Microfiber wet mop pad.
972113 - Blue pad mop