Wet Mop Handles


Fiberglass Wet Mop Handle 60”
**Special Order**
  • A convenient lever system makes removing soiled mops quick and easy
  • Securely holds narrow headbands in place
416640 - Red 
Fiberglass 60” wet mop handle with lever system for easy removal of mop heads
Fiberglass Easy Change Wet Mop Handle 60”
  • Designed with an easy-release lever to quickly drop soiled mops with minimal handling
  • Made from durable plastic that won’t rust or support bacterial growth
126231 - Yellow
Jaws fiberglass wet mop 60” handle with plastic assembly that resists rusting and bacterial growth
Fiberglass Jaws Wet Mop Handle 60”
  • Durable nylon jaws securely grip wide headbands
  • Soiled mops can be removed without touching
  • The plastic assembly will not rust or support bacterial growth
Metal/Wood quick change 60” wet mop handle for heavy use
Metal/Wood Quick Change Wet Mop Handle 60”
  • The classic all-around metal mop assembly comes with a quick-release swing bar
  • Adjustable wing nut securely tightens to hold a narrow headband in place
  • Perfect for tough applications and heavy use
Fiberglass sure grip 60” wet mop handle with spring-action lever
Fiberglass Sure-Grip Wet Mop Handle 60”
  • The sturdy metal spring-action lever is ideal for locking wide headbands securely in place.

Threaded Handles
  • Easy-to-use screw-type threaded handle fits mops, brooms, and other cleaning accessories.
Yellow Fiberglass - 402252
**Special Order**
Red Fiberglass - 402250 
**Special Order**
Wood w/metal Thread - 117591B
Yellow Fiberglass (Black Threaded) - 117592B