Mop Buckets

Rubbermaid WaveBrake 35 quart mopping system for safer cleaning
Rubbermaid WaveBrake Mopping Systems 35qt

The WaveBrake mop bucket and wringer system reduce splashing, which means a safer environment, cleaner floors, and improved productivity.
  • High-efficiency side press wringer.
  • Premium tubular steel and Structural Web molded plastic
  • Optional Dirty Water Bucket available
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The 35 Quart Splash Guard™ Combo Pack features 3˝ non-marking casters and SW7 down-press wringer
The 35-quart Unibody® is the most efficient side-press wringing system available. The one-piece design delivers a positive transfer of force, removing more water per stroke. A departure from the limitations of traditional designs, the Unibody® offers labor savings, safety, and chemical economy advantages. But this is just where the story begins. Thoroughly designed from the floor up, the Unibody® Mopping System raises the bar for cleaning maneuverability, ergonomics, noise reduction, and labor savings.
32 quart mop bucket and wringer combo molded from high visibility yellow polyethylene
Mop Bucket and Wringer Combo- 32qt
  • Molded from polyethylene for maximum strength and long life
  • 3” non-marking casters
  • Side-press wringer
  • High visibility yellow