Microfiber Pads n' Holders

Microfiber wet mop pad with an absorbent core and non-linting fibers
Microfiber Wet Mop Pad
Microfibers are specially designed non-abrasive, non-linting fibers, small enough to penetrate into surface pores and remove tiny dust particles. Wet mop pad has an absorbent core.
  • Reduces chemicals, water and energy to clean
  • Velcro backing makes changing mop pads a breeze
  • Lightweight structure provides easy maneuvering
  • Can be laundered numerous times
  • 18” Pad
Microfiber finish pad for application of finishes in thin, even coats without linting
Microfiber Finish Pad
Blue/White Striped Microfiber Finish Pad readily releases finish. Non-Linting microfiber applies finishes in thin even coats.
  • Launderable
Microfiber 18” pad holder with 360 degree swivel capability
Microfiber Pad Holder 18”
  • Lightweight structures provides easy maneuvering on flat surfaces
  • 360 degree swivel offers a full range of motion
72” telescoping handle for microfiber mop pads
Telescoping Handle for Microfiber Pads 72”
  • Ergonomic design alleviates the strain of mopping
  • End caps protect walls and furniture
Accommodates various heights and numerous tasks.