Dust Mops/Handles

Disposable dust mops with full tie backing and Pro20 mop pretreatment
Dust Mops

Provide good absorbency; include full tie backing and pretreated with Pro20 mop treatment
  • 100% tight twisted cotton yarn, tufted construction
117150B- 24”
117160B- 36”
Blue Twist dust mop with high performance durability that will not fray or snag
Blue Twist Dust Mop

Unique tightly twisted yarn construction, gives the mop unparalleled durability. It will not fray or snag and withstands repeated laundering.
  • Pre-laundered
  • Sewn construction
  • Synthetic backing
134802B- 18”
134803B- 24”
134804B- 36”
134805B- 48”
Wedge Mop Blue
Wedge Mop- Blue

Small triangular shaped mop designed to dust crowded or hard to reach floor spaces easy. Launderable
Wedge Mop Frame
Wedge Mop Handle & Frame
  • Handle and frame are connected.
  • For use with wedge mop for crowded or hard to reach floor areas
Quick Change swivel handle dust mop
Dust Mop Swivel Handle

117190B - Wood Handle
Dust mop frame with efficient release clip and polymer coated metal frame
Dust Mop Frame
  • Release clip efficiently releases soiled mop with just a touch
  • Metal frame is coated with a durable polymer that resists rust and prevents cracking and chipping
121813B- 18”
117110B- 24”
888314B- 36”
144800B- 48”