Clean on the Go - Hardware

Clean on the go with VersaFill dispensers that dispense up to four products into the desired containers.
Clean on the Go - VersaFill III

The VersaFill 3 dilution and dispensing system offer employee safety, accurate diluting, and cost-control. Professional products must be used as specified in order to comply with safety statements and OSHA regulations. Over-proportioned chemicals equal a higher in-use cost, and in order to ensure efficacy against a specified organism, disinfectants must be properly diluted. Ensure safety and accuracy with the Spartan VersaFill 3 dilution and dispensing system.
888445 (e-gap)
Clean on the go stainless steel lock & dial dispenser
Clean on the Go - Stainless Steel Lock & Dial

Stainless steel for maximum strength and durability. Fills up to three different high flow products and a clear rinse; plus dispenses up to four low flow products. Simply dial and select the product. Locking cabinet.
Item# 888860 **Special Order**
SAM single stainless steel dispenser for accurate dilutions
Clean on the Go- Single Dispensing Options

The dispenser includes a racking system, installation instructions, and mounting screws. Dispenses product at 2oz per gal.
1.0 GPM Low Flow - Item #888862
3.5 GPM High Flow - Item #888864
Glean on the go foam gun dispenser with automatic dilution capabilities
Clean on the Go - Foam Gun

Easy to use, portable foam gun with a “Fresh rinse” feature for use with the Clean on the Go chemical management system.
Automatically dilutes at 2oz. per gallon due to the pre-installed metering tip.
Item# 889881