Clean on the Go - Concentrates

Manufacturer: Spartan
Non-acid disinfectant bathroom cleaner that is effective against HIV, HCV, and HBV viruses
Non-Acid Disinfectant Bathroom Cleaner

Effective against HIV, HCV, and HBV viruses. EPA Reg. No> 5741-20
  • pH 7.5
  • 2 oz/gal
Item# 888600

Packed 4/2Lt per case
Neutral disinfectant cleaner that is effective against HVB and HCV viruses
hdqC2 Neutral Disinfectant Cleaner

Effective against HVB and HCV viruses. EPA Reg. No. 1839-169-5741
  • 2 oz/gal
  • pH: 6.0-7.0
Item# 888604
Packed 4/2Lt per case
All purpose, heavy duty Concentrated degreaser concentrate & industrial cleaner
The Degreaser - Concentrate

Heavy duty, all-purpose, industrial cleaner/degreaser
  • pH 12.0
Item# 888603

Packed 4/2Lt per case
Acid bathroom and shower cleaner concentrate
Acid Bathroom & Shower Cleaner - Concentrate

Light to medium-duty cleaner/maintainer formulated for use on restroom and shower room surfaces, toilets and urinals.
  • pH <1
Item# 800699 *Special Order*

Packed 4/2Lt per case
Airlift tropical concentrated air freshener and deodorizer
Airlift Tropical - Concentrate

Air freshener and routine deodorizer
  • pH 6.0
Item# 888622

Packed 4/2Lt per case
Smoke and odor eliminator concentrate
Smoke & Odor Eliminator - Concentrate
Odor Neutralizer
  • pH 7.5
Item# 888602 *Special Order*

Packed 4/2Lt per case
Damp mop detergent concentrate formulated for maintaining high gloss floor finishes
Damp Mop Detergent Concentrate

A neutral floor cleaner specifically formulated for maintaining high gloss floor finishes. Also an excellent light-duty, all-purpose cleaner.
  • pH: 7.0-8.0
Item# 888713 *Special Order*

Packed 4/2Lt per case
Clean by Peroxy concentrated all-purpose cleaner
Clean by Peroxy - Concentrate

Modern day surfactants and hydrogen peroxide blended to form an environmentally preferable all-purpose cleaner. Quickly removes everyday soils and greasy residues.
  • pH 2.0-3.0
  • 2 oz/gal
Item# 888560

Packed 4/2Lt per case
TriBase multipurpose cleaning concentrate with natural citrus scent
TriBase Multipurpose Cleaner - Concentrate

With three main biobased surfactant ingredients derived from coconut and palm kernel. Non-VOC, less toxic, biodegradable product. Natural citrus fragrance.
  • pH 8.0
  • 2 oz/gal
Item# 888700

Packed 4/2Lt per case
Bio-Renewables glass cleaner concentrate
Bio-Renewables Glass Cleaner Concentrate

Formulated to clean mirrors, glass and Plexiglass surfaces. biobased surfactants, BioRenewables Glass Cleaner is a non-VOC, less toxic biodegradable product. Light blue in color with a clean, crisp waterfall fragrance.
  • pH 8.0-9.0
  • 2 oz/gal
  • Meets U.S. EPA Safer Choice
Item# 888701

Packed 4/2Lt per case
GS Neutral disinfectant cleaner concentrate formulated to kill a wide variety of microorganisms
GS Neutral Disinfectant Cleaner 103 Concentrate

A neutral pH, quaternary disinfectant cleaner formulated to kill a broad spectrum of microorganisms.
EPA Reg. No. 1839-169-5741
  • pH 7.0
  • 2oz/gal
Item# 888702 *Special Order*

Packed 4/2Lt per case
BioTransport 2 Consume Micro-Muscle industrial strength concentrated cleaner
BioTransport 2 Consume Micro-Muscle

Industrial strength, super surfactant concentrate boosted with active microbial grease digesters. Removes everyday, petroleum-based soils.
  • pH 8.5-9.5
Item# 888814

Packed 4/2Lt per case
Xcelente™ 24
Enjoy the fresh, clean fragrance of lavender while you clean with XcelenteTM multi-purpose, hard surface cleaner. The phosphate-free formula is great for floors, and other surfaces where a bright, shiny, streak free finish is desired. With a long-lasting, fragrant bloom of lavender, Xcelente will delight building residents and visitors throughout the day.
  • pH: 7.0 - 8.0
  • Scent: Lavender
Item# 888606
Packed 4/2Lt per case